“The Dented Anthill” was staged during the grand finale of the 78th edition of the National Troupe of Nigeria’s Annual Children and Teens Creative Station. This is a six weeks workshop during summer holidays, where children are exposed to acting, dancing, creative writing, drumming, mime, voice training, improvisation, puppetry, board games, etc. Anthill is a natural construct of ants made almost to a near-perfect architectural structure. It is designed and constructed by ants for housing, protection from unwanted environment assault and climate. It houses ants in a socially defined set up. In their ever busy work routine, ants work tirelessly in social groupings constructing what might be termed the ants-city. This could be equated to a city or Nation of humans. When this fortress is disturbed it disorganises the social setup of the ants and sends them helter-skelter. If a dent occurs to this design, it affects the entire existence of the ants. From the dented part of the anthill emerges a brigade of ants struggling to defend and form themselves into a working group for reconstruction/ restructuring. This could be juxtaposed on our present day societies of Nigeria. History has it that, as from the time of our independence 1960; an 'anthill-like structure' was envisaged and in the making for the Nigerian society. The country was working towards a perfect structure, looking towards building an egalitarian society where the members will be proud to be Nigerians. As years went by, the 'dent' happened. The 'Nigerian Anthill' got dented and things fell apart. Since then the centre could no longer hold. Ever since, the society has gone through several amendments and repair methods but to no avail. Generations have tried to patch the wobbling structure from the top, but have not succeeded. Borrowing from the 'Ant's world, Children and Teens in this society, like the brigade of ants, who emerged from the soil of the dented structure, will need to rise to the occasion. They will have to come up with suggestions for the amendment and restructuring of the society.


Various and different people from different communities found themselves together because they were forced out of their homes by insurgent marauders, with no hope for the future. The chief of Military Chief known as Defense Staff   pays the settlement a surprise visit which made them realize that they have not been forgotten by the government of the day. The people are made to realize that there is now a government of CHANGE in place and as such it is not business as usual. He gave them hope by informing them that government will do everything in its power to make sure they are well looked after and that the people will soon return to their communities. After the meeting the women got together to start empowering themselves by forming a COPERATIVE where they learn how to make pots, mats, baskets, textile weaving, and fashion design for self sustenance, their families and the larger community. The women inform the Maigari Yerima and obtain the required permission to continue with their plans and also encourage the men folk to do the same.