Write up on Akin Adejuwon

Akin Adejuwon was a member of the local organizing committee for the Oau-Ife Festival for both 2008 and 2018 editions. As a member of the organizing committee, he designed the locations and venues for the festivals. He was primarily designated with the visuals and exhibitions committee placing him atop the Logo design and web conceptualization team with oversight from Professor Wole Soyinka himself. He further coordinated the advertising and publicity of the festival content and in particular the academic colloquium. In the process of conducting a successful festival in 2008, Akin Adejuwon also saw to the installation of wireless internet equipment to ensure access to high speed internet connectivity at the Institute of Cultural Studies, Obafemi Awolowo University. He proved to be invaluable in the ultimate realization of and smooth execution of festival activities.

Part of the results of Akin Adejuwon’s team playing and networking efforts includes access to various stakeholders for participation in the Festivals in 2008 and 2018 respectively. Akwa Ibom and Nasarawa states as good examples sent sizable contingents to the festivals. Significantly, the engagement of Nasarawa state in 2008, whose governor was a practicing performing artist- the Late Aliyu Akwe Doma proved to be an immense contribution to the Festival in 2008. In 2018, Mr Akin Adejuwon through the influence of Prof. Wole Soyinka and the University was able to secure the support and collaboration of the Ogun state government and Rwandan National government for the 2018 OAU - Ife Festival.

A fall out of the diligence of Akin Adejuwon in the conduct of the 2008 Oau-Ife Festival, was the subsequent recommendation by Professor Wole Soyinka that Adejuwon be appointed to the Task Force organizing the 2010 Lagos Black Heritage Festival. Mr. Akin Adejuwon and Dr. Adeniran, who was then the Director of the Institute of Cultural Studies, OAU Ile-Ife. Mr. Adejuwon and Dr. Adenian remained members of the Task Force of the Lagos State Black Heritage Festivals from 2009 through to 2013.